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A New Kind of Kit Car

Not very practical for the weather in the North East, but we really like Tabby, the world's first hybrid four-wheeler you can order online and assemble in your garage in under an hour.

As energy bills continue to rise, and UK consumers feel the pinch, the UK’s Energy Saving Trust has issued guidelines for saving domestic energy costs. Here’s some advice that could save on energy bills throughout 2014.

Current Pump Design

Having worked in the water industry and pioneered developments in pumping technology, this project established by Current Pumps really strikes a chord with us all here at Retroflo. Current Pumps have designed a system that uses the constant current of water in a river or stream to drive a pump that can irrigate fields and provide water to communities that currently rely on carrying water by hand from source.

This video made by Scottish Canal shows the construction of Pinkston Watersport Centre in Glasgow, a project on which Retroflo have been commissioned to provide electrical works.