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Retroflo are pleased to announce they have been appointed as an approved installer of free home electric vehicle chargers under the UK Government’s ULEV (Ultra-low Emission Vehicle) strategy. The strategy, published in September 2013, makes available £500m to develop the ULEV marketplace, including £37m funding to install free charge points in homes across the UK.


With the number of electric vehicles on the road predicted to hit 1.5m by 2020, the new strategy recognises the growing popularity of electric vehicles and the need to develop the nation’s EV charging infrastructure.

As part of the ULEV scheme Retroflo supply and install the POD Point Solo 3.6kW charging unit, which is compatible with all makes of modern electric cars. To qualify for the scheme there is no current requirement to own an electric vehicle.

pod-point-soloIn the three weeks since gaining approval to install home EV chargers, the company has had over 100 enquiries from homeowners in the north east of England. Retroflo Operations Director, Andy Laundon, explains the straightforward installation process: “To qualify for the scheme home owners must have off-road parking. We undertake a pre-installation survey to check the current electric supply meets regulatory requirements and if all is OK, installation can go ahead. Fitting the POD Point Solo EV charger generally takes about two hours.”

Alongside the free supply and install of the 3.6kw charging unit, Retroflo can offer homeowners a 7kw charging unit, approximately doubling the speed of charging, for a one-off fee of £90.00.

Commercial charging units are also available for businesses, with installations assessed and priced on individual requirements. These units include additional features such as integrated energy metering to provide records for EV energy emission exemption.

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