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Here at Retroflo we watched Digby Jones - The New Troubleshooter with great interest. The series, fronted by the Lord and former minister of state, looks at the state of British manufacturing, with last week’s episode shining a spotlight on one of our clients, EBAC, and their quest to resurrect fridge and freezer manufacturing in the UK.

Ebac is probably best known for its range of dehumidifiers and in purchasing the Norfrost brand has invested well over £1m to establish a new production facility in Newton Aycliffe, County Durham.

At the centre of the show was the shipping and installation of processing equipment from Norfrost’s former manufacturing HQ in the highlands of Scotland. Retroflo had a major role in bringing the new facility online; providing mechanical and electrical installation works for the production line and ancillary equipment. This included installing the cabling and control systems needed to operate at least nine processing stations, including five robotic arms, metal pressing and foam injection machinery and 500m of conveyor belts. At full capacity the production line will be capable of delivering one unit every 109 seconds.

Retroflo is pleased to be associated with a company that embodies the ethos of high-quality British manufacturing and we recently extended our contract with EBAC as the company enters its next phase of development. In 2014, and with help from the Regional Growth Fund, EBAC will become the UK’s only manufacturer of washing machines.

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